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Shareholders receive a 10% discount on all additional Wild Fox Farm products.

We naturally grow our heritage breed pigs, pastured chickens, free-range brown eggs, and pastured lambs. Purchase other products this week when you pick up your share!

pastured lamb on Wild Fox Farm

Pork Prices

Our heritage breed pigs are pastured and fed 100% GMO-free organic grain!

Choice Cuts
Tenderloin: $18.00/lb
Pork Chops: $9.00/lb (bone-in and bone-less)
Ribs, Spare: $8.00/lb
Shoulder: $9.00/lb
Bacon, Belly: $12.00/lb
Bacon, Canadian: $12.00/lb
Ground: $9.00/lb
Hocks, Organs, Fat: $4.00/lb

GMO-free, nitrate-free, no additives
Sweet Italian: $10.00/lb
Hot Italian: $10.00/lb
Country: $10.00/lb
Country Patties: $10.00/lb
Bratwurst: $11.00/lb
Kielbasa: $11.00/lb