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The Land


To provide our local food community with fresh and delicious food while regenerating the land.

Legacy Goal

To bring 1000 acres of the Butter Valley and its immediate surrounding agricultural region into regenerative agricultural management in order to preserve the long-term quality and viability of its community, ecological systems and, most importantly, its soil.

-  The Team  -

-  The Team  -


The Story

Since day one, Wild Fox Farm has been fueled by the intimate and relentless dedication of Ben and Karah Davies. With their 2012 purchase of 41 acres in Pennsylvania's Butter Valley, their vision to see the land enriched and productive

has led to continued expansion of Wild Fox Farm's product offerings, land management projects, conservation initiatives, industry leading products and new businesses. Many local chefs, foodies and families now rely on the farm for year-round sustenance and, as the land is

regenerated, so are the lives of the community that it supports. The farm team has grown and flourished as well adding skilled and dedicated farmers to the team every year. Wild Fox Farm now sells at the Emmaus Farmers Market, the Phoenixville Farmers Market, the Rittenhouse Farmers Market, the Berwyn Farmers Market,  offers online ordering with curbside pickup daily, and ships hemp products produced on the farm nationally.

So, friends, every

day do something

that won’t compute.

-Wendell Berry From "Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front"


The Animals

Animals play an integral role in a holistic farm system. From rotating the animals on cover cropped vegetable fields, rotationally grazing pastures, recycling bedding as compost, food waste nutrient cycling, to the simple pleasure of grazing animals in the pasture, Wild Fox Farm would not be as viable economically or ecologically without such a diverse and integrated system.

Every animal at Wild Fox Farm has ample room to roam, forage, interact, bask in the sun and express their true nature. All the animals have access to fresh clean water. The cattle are 100% grass fed and the pigs eat organically grown grain. Managed in this dynamic way,  these animals never need, nor receive, antibiotics or added hormones.


Meet The Team


Karah Davies
Founder & CFO 

As an entrepreneur, nutritionist, mother, manager and so much more, Karah has been leading Wild Fox Farm, since day one. While most of her work is behind the scenes, she has played a critical role in the farms success. Karah loves to share the nutritious fresh food she produces with her friends family and community. 


Ben Davies 
Founder & Operations Manager

As a farmer, entrepreneur, product developer and real estate professional, Ben has helped lead Wild Fox Farm both in the field, the kitchen, office and on the road. Ben loves using business to explore new products, ideas, opportunities and to create wealth for not only his family but the land and local community as well. 


James Doe

Rachel Davidson

Vegetable Production Manager

With only a few farming seasons under her belt, Rachel joined the team in 2023. Quickly, she has brought a high level of skilled leadership and management to the Wild Fox vegetable operation. She is passionate about the force of good that regenerative agriculture can be in the world and hopes to extend her skills and experience beyond the field some day.


Hannah Dewalt

Market Manager

If you have been to any of our farmer's markets, then you know the up-beat and warm presence of Hannah. With a background running events and retail, she fits perfectly into the market manager position. Joining the team in 2022, she has been leading the weekend market crew through diligent staffing, inventory tracking, staff training and more. She enjoys getting to know our customers at market every weekend.  

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