Apple Ridge Farm is a soudough bakery, committed to making bread the way bread used to be made, based on three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt. Starting with regionally-grown flour that’s organic, unbleached, and unbromated and using a natural sourdough starter in place of commerical yeast to help make their bread easily digestible. The baking process takes much longer than your average modern-day bakery but the end result is a product they are proud of and that people can eat and feel good about. 


Super Fun Fact: In 2021, Apple Ridge started purchasing oat and rye flour from us, Wild Fox Farm, and it is now in all their breads. Local, sustainable, collabortive, and so delicious.


*Now in pre-sliced pullman loaves!

Artisan Bread - Apple Ridge Farm, Saylorsburg

PriceFrom $5.00