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For a limited time only, we are offering half and quarter beef purchases for those interested in stocking their freezer with high-quality, grass-fed beef. All of our beef is raised on lush, sustainable pasture, ensuring the highest quality and best flavor.


By purchasing this way, you can customize your butcher order to meet the specific needs of your family and get the most out of your purchase. Fill your freezer with a full side of beef or just a quarter, and enjoy delicious, grass-fed beef all year round.

With your deposit, you can secure your purchase and look forward to enjoying a variety of cuts, from steaks to roasts to ground beef, all from our sustainably raised cattle.



Please Note: Beef will be ready in late July/early August.

We will send you a cut-sheet when your cow is ready to go to the butcher.


*Price per pound is based on final hanging weight (HW)

Half Cow Estimates: 300-400 lbs HW  |  $3.99/lb* HW plus $0.95/lb processing fee

Quarter Cow Estimates: 150-200 lbs HW  |  $4.29/lb* HW plus $0.95/lb processing fee


Hanging Weight: Hide, head, hoofs removed.


Your $200 Deposit secures your cow, and is then deducted from your final price.


Sample Prices:

Half Steer
Hanging Weight: 300 lb.
Price for meat: $3.99/lb.
Meat processing fee: $.95/lb.*
Total: $1482


Quarter Steer
Hanging Weight: 150 lb.
Price for meat: $4.29/lb.
Meat processing fee: $.95/lb.*
Total: $928.50


Please review this link which explains Live, Hanging and take home beef weight.


Final weights can be more or less than listed estimates.

Half/Quarter Beef Deposit

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