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Interested in stocking your freezer with a selection of pasture-raised pork products? We are happy to bring you this opportunity. All of our pork is raised on pasture with organic feed.


Customize your butcher order to get the most out of your purchase, and meet the needs of your family. We have a limited number of pigs available each time we butcher, so put in your deposit to hold your hog!


Please Note: Pigs will be ready in late June, early July.

We will send you a cut-sheet when your pig is ready to go to the butcher.


*Price per pound is based on final hanging weight (HW)

Whole Pig Estimates: 200-325 lbs HW  |  $4.79/lb*

Half Pig Estimates: 100-160 lbs HW  |  $5.29/lb*


Deposit: $200


Final weights can be more or less than listed estimates.

Whole/Half Pig Deposit

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