Through the use of cover crops, compost, forage crop grazing, organic amendments and soil testing, Wild Fox Farm has taken soil which was severely degraded by countless years of conventional farming management, and set in on a steady path of regeneration. In some ways, the progression has been dramatic, with a myriad of earthworms, beneficial insects and toads returning to the land, new plant species taking hold in the pasture, as well as more subtle indicators of health. The continuous enhancement of vegetable crops flavor, productivity, and quality speaks to this.

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Wild Card

Designed with your busy lifestyle in mind, our Wild Card Membership gives you the flexibility and customization that you always wanted out of a CSA relationship. Charge up your card with whatever amount you want, then use it to make your regular purchases, and receive a 10% discount on every item we sell! Use it at our Farm Store or our market stand at the Phoenixville & Emmaus Farmer's Markets on weekends.

Produce Variety: S,F,W indicating seasonal availibility

Arugula: S,F,W

Basil: (U-pick) : S

Beets: S,F,W

Bok Choi: S,F,W

Carrots: S,F,W

Cucumbers: S

Fennel: F

Greens Mix: S,F,W

Kale: S,F,W

Parsley (U-pick) : S,F,W

Peppers: S. F

Radishes: S,F,W

Romaine: S,F,W

Salad Mix: S,F,W

Scallions: S,F

Tomatoes: slicing: S, F

Tomatoes, Cherry (U-pick): S

Turnips: S,F,W